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WT Netball Teams

Named WT netball teams are now posted outside the student centre.

Winter Tournament Netball Trials

A reminder for girls trialling for Winter Tournament Netball: Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12.20 in the hall. Be netball ready.

Saturday Netballers

Reminder you need to have your permission slip signed and ready to show Mrs Tamarua for the meet and greet session this afternoon. Please line up o...

Netball Meeting

All Saturday netball girls to meet Mrs Tamarua for a quick meeting in the student centre at 12.20 today.

WT Netball Trials

Trials today for Y8 netball girls for WT tournament, 12.20 in the hall.

Winter Tournament Netball Trials

Netball trials for winter tournament teams are on Wednesday in the hall at 12.20 sharp. Be netball ready. If you are not able to make it please se...

Kiwi Netball

Tomorrow's practice is cancelled.

Albatross/Oaks Netball Girls

Could all the girls from Albatross and Oaks netball teams please meet Mrs Tamarua in the Student Centre at lunchtime.

Netball Meeting

Could I please see the Oaks and Pines netball girls today at lunchtime. Please meet Mrs Tamarua in the hall.


Attention all Saturday BIS netball players! There is a special guest coming today to meet you, she plays for the Tactix team and is here to talk w...

Albatross/Eagles Netball teams

Netball practice is still on for Albatross and Eagles netball teams in the hall.

Rimu/Albatross/Oaks netball girls

Could the girls from the Rimu/Albatross and Oaks netball team please see Mrs Tamarua at lunchtime in the student centre.

Kiwi and Willows Netball Girls

Could the girls from the Kiwi and Willows netball teams see Mrs Tamarua at Morning Tea in the student centre.

Keas and Tuis Netball

Girls in the Keas and Tui netball teams to see Mrs Tamarua at lunchtime in the student centre to be issued with uniforms. Also for any Oaks and Pin...

Oaks and Pines Netball Teams

Could I see the Oaks and Pines Netball girls at morning tea in the student centre.

Kea Netball Team

It is important that you are at training today after school. Please let Mrs Tamarua know if you are not able to make it.

Albatross/Eagles Netball teams

Y7 Albatross/Eagles team: A quick meeting in Mrs Tamarua's class (Rm11) straight after school.

Netball Practices

A reminder to these teams to be netball ready for your practices today after school. If you cannot make it to practice please see Mrs Tamarua. Oak...

Albatross/Eagles Netball teams

Can the netball girls from the Albatross and Eagles netball teams please see Mrs Tamarua after school at the student office to have your uniforms i...

Kiwi Netball Team

No practice today for the Kiwi Netball Team, unfortunately your coach isn't well.


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