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Rockband Meeting Lunch R12

All Rockband students to Rm12 with permission slips for Stokefest trip if you haven't already handed it in. Meet at 12:20 in Rm 12 today (Tuesday)....


ALL Rockband members to come to Room 12 at 12:20 to collect permission slips for Stokefest. No permission, No GO!

Boys Football Uniform

Some students have not brought their uniforms back yet. If you have a set in your bag please bring it to Student Center at 12:20.

Boys Football Uniform hand out

Today 12:20 in Student Center.

Boys WT Football Training

If raining at lunch, training will be cancelled for today. Please remember gear for Friday. Uniforms will be sorted on Monday through Lee.

Boys Football Trials Week 9

At this moment Tues and Wed will be Football trials next week (slight change to admin meeting notices this morning but Mr C is out on a course Thur...

Winter Tournament Football Trials

Today with boots and gear. 12:20 meet at PE shed.

Winter Tournament Football Trials

Last chance today to sign up for Winter Tournament Football Trials (Rm 12). The trials will be Tuesday and Wednesday this week with a possible furt...

Winter Tournament Football Sign Up

If you are interested in trialling for this team then come to Room 12 at interval today for sign ups. If you know of other friends who are strong f...

Garageband Module

Can as many students please bring headphones on Friday for this Module. Also if you are in possession of a headphone splitter then bring that as we...


No practice today after school due to Student Learning Conferences. See you all Friday lunchtime.


All Rockband students to meet Rm 12 straight after the roll in your class. 2 min meeting.

MTB Friday Sport 7th April

This is still on tomorrow. Please can all students involved in this group bring their bikes and equipment to leave school at 11:15am. You need to b...


Please return your application forms to Mr T (Rm 2) or Mr C (Rm 12) by Friday so auditions can be organised for Week 4. Show us how organised you a...

MTB Notices

Can the students who received MTB notices yesterday please return them to Mr C (Rm 12) at morning tea or lunch today (Thursday). If your memory has...

Friday Sport MTB Rm 12

Can all these students please see Mr Connolly (Rm 12) at morning tea/lunch (12:20) on Wednesday 15th Feb. Rm 1-Levi Scott, Charlie McGil...


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