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If you are a year 8 going to Nayland College next year and are interested in a fun team sport of sailing see the notice over at the sports office f...

Top field

Closed at lunchtime today


It is not too late to get a ticket. Remember you need to have a permission slip signed by your parent. Slips can be picked up from the display st...

Disco Tickets

On sale from the front office 8.30 - 8.45 daily. Remember you have to have a permission slip to get a ticket

Knitting club

On today in the library and lunchtime and again on Thursday

Disco Tickets

Don't forget these are on sale in the mornings from 8.30 - 8.45 in the front office. Permission slips in the classrooms or on the display stand...

Nayland College Institute of Sport

Those students that have applied to be part of the Nayland College Institute of Sport for 2018 are to meet in the Hall at 0910 on Wednesday to be t...


Practice on as normal tonight - Monday but due to showcase practise there is no volleyball on Tuesday night. If you are a Tuesday night volleyb...

Christchurch South

You should be in the hall by now

Disco Tickets

These are on sale from Monday morning 8.30 - 8.45am. If you are hosting a student from Christchurch you do not need to buy a ticket. Permissio...

Frustration Showcase

Meet room 2 at 12.20pm

Library Closed at lunchtime today

Kapa Haka

On today at lunchtime

Mix tape Showcase

Two rehearsals week 7. Tuesday lunchtime in the hall and Wednesday in the music room

Top Field

Students to stay off the top field at lunchtime today please

LT Bull Rush

12.45 Top Field - Mr T to supervise. Do not play until Mr T is there to supervise

College Enrolments

These are due in - either to the front office or to the College you are intending on going to.

Nayland College Institute of sport

There will be a meeting for all of those Year 8 students going to Nayland College, interested in the Nayland College Institute of Sport in the Broa...

College Enrolments

Reminder to our year 8's that your college enrolments are due in to either the college that you are intending on going to or to Broadgreen by the T...

Buller Billets

If you are student hosting a billet for Winter Tournament can you please come to the staff room at 1.15pm today for a very quick meeting.


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