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Is on today at lunchtime. For the first 15 minutes.


Girls only in Room 19. Straight after lunch eating bell please.


Is not on today - GIRLS only in Room 19 at lunchtime next week on Tuesday & Wednesday (if you are available)


Is on tomorrow at lunchtime in the P.Arts room. Thanks!

Kapa Haka Meeting

Please can I see ALL kapa students in R19 at interval today. Practise tomorrow at lunch.


Is on tomorrow in the P.Arts room for ALL students. Thanks.

Kaka Boogie Practise

Today at lunchtime please. In the hall. Only a 30 min practise.

Kapa Haka Today

Is only for the students who are performing at Haka Boogie. This list is on the Room 19 window and has been sent to your teacher. It is COMPULSORY ...


Is on today as usual. The whole group needs to be there. The haha boogie group will be selected by Friday. Please all attend, Miss Wilkinson will n...

CSIS Exchange

If you have not received a jacket for CSIS next week and you are hosting a billet. Please come to the Student Centre after the lunch eating bell to...

Maori Extension

Is on today at 2:20pm, please wait outside Room 18 for this. Thank you.


Practise for girls in R19 Thursday lunchtime.

Savage Dance Group

Practise tomorrow lunchtime for all members of this group - R19.

CSIS Exchange

If you are hosting a student for CSIS exchange, you have an important meeting on Friday LUNCHTIME at 12:10pm in the hall. PLEASE bring your lunch a...

Haka Boogie

Please remember to get your slips into R19 - already 25 people have put their slips in! Thanks.


No rehearsal today - practise tomorrow at lunchtime for the girls. Thanks!

CSIS Update

Please make sure you are getting your billet letters done by FRIDAY 9am. Your teacher needs to have checked these as well. Thanks. Remember to also...


Practise for ALL girls in Pasifika - first half off lunch in R19. See you there.

Savage Dance Group

There will be no practise today due to it being a wet lunch time. Thanks


It is not too late to get a billet for CSIS Exchange. Please ask your teacher or see the black stand in the front office for a slip.


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